Tennis Talk

by Michael Behrens

When it comes to the stars of professional tennis, there is little doubt which two players stand out from among the rest. Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have battled for supremacy since February2, 2004, when Federer first took hold of the number one world ranking. This spot was a position he held for a record 237 consecutive weeks until Nadal usurped his throne atop the tennis world on August 18. Most everyone with an interest in tennis has chosen a favorite. When I approached some members of the Men’s Tennis team about this topic, their answers were nearly unanimous. Junior captain Dino Bilankov offered his own unique analogy. “Roger Federer because of his consistency and his style of playing. I like to compare Roger and Nadal as limo and some racing car. Roger is a limo and Nadal is a racing car, and I just like limos better.” Sophomore Sebastian Gallego agreed. “Even though Nadal is number one right now, I feel like Federer is the top player in the history for me. Nadal is good too, but I will take Federer.” Coach Geoff Young reiterated his players’ opinions. “Roger Federer. Because he’s pretty humble and fun to watch. He’s a smooth player, so I’d have to go with him.” The lone dissenter was sophomore captain Tobias Wernet. “My favorite player is all the Minnesota Gophers Men’s Tennis players,” he boldly declared.