Minnesota Daily headline unfairly stereotypes engineering students

by Melissa Shauer - University student

I was incredibly offended to open up MondayâÄôs issue of the Minnesota Daily and see the headline âÄúProgram aims to improve social skillsâÄù supplemented with the subhead âÄútargets engineering studentsâÄù.

As an engineer, I understand and acknowledge the stereotypes inherent in our field; I have certainly seen fellow students and professors lacking âÄúsoft skillsâÄù as they were once called.

However, I have also seen students in the College of Liberal Arts, College of Education and Human Development, College of Continuing Education, the Carlson School of Management and many other programs lacking these skills. It isnâÄôt a problem exclusive to engineers.

It is unfair of the Daily to imply that all engineering students lack basic social skills. In fact, upon reading the article, it became clear that the Gemini Project focuses more on career skills âÄî âÄútransferable skills,âÄù as they are called. These skills apply to any student, in any major.

Seeing the Daily strip the program of legitimacy just for the sake of poking fun at the stereotypical image of an engineering student is disgusting.

WhatâÄôs next, an article calling all Carlson students douche bags?