Demand clean energy, Minnesotans

by Kristen Correll

On Oct. 1, The Minnesota Daily published an article about a program that will help 12 Minnesota cities receive wind turbines as part of a program called âÄúHometown WindPower.âÄù Although these wind turbines are small âÄî one turbine is able to produce about 160 kilowatts of power at full force âÄî this is a significant step towards helping the state of Minnesota reach the renewable energy standard. This clean energy majority represents a broad cross-section of the American public, including veterans, business leaders, faith leaders, farmers, sportsmen, the young and old and even your next door neighbor. We as Minnesotans need to stand up for clean energy. Because this is a communal concern, we need to ask Sen. Al Franken, D.-Minn., to take a stand as well. He needs to be resolute with the strengthening and passage of the recently proposed Clean Energy Job and American Power Act of 2009. It is now up to Al Franken to assist in passing a comprehensive clean energy legislation that will generate millions of new clean energy jobs and diminish the carbon pollution that causes global warming. Do not insist on this, demand it! We as Minnesotans deserve clean energy, new opportunities and a secure nation. Kristen Correll University undergraduate student