Dying MidwesternThe Killing is Over MeEvil Owl Records

by Nathan Hall

Opening with a sample of a shallow grave being dug, This Killing Me Is Over is anything but subtle when it comes to cadaver references. With members scattered over various parts of Minnesota and recording on a shoestring budget in frontman Mike Cunningham’s basement, it’s a wonder their sophomore effort ever saw the light of day. But it’s a vast improvement over their self-released debut EP.

Put out by the good folks at Evil Owl Records (Earth A.D. & Circle Of Willis), Dying Midwestern’s maudlin punk sound bears more than a passing resemblance to Alkaline Trio, The Lawrence Arms, and others proudly waving the emo flag these days. Featuring a former member of now defunct local pop-punkers Suburban Core, pop sensibilities still shine out on the standout track “An Explosion.”

Dying Midwestern is also worth supporting for being part of The Night Time Is The Right Time Collective, a new booking co-op dedicated to resurrecting all ages shows here in the Twin Cities.

-Nathan Hall