Minnesota ranks best in well-being for children, new study finds

by Youssef Rddad

Minnesota is the best state for childhood well-being according to a report released today. The annual report released by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, called Kids Count, ranked Minnesota near the top for education, the economic stability of families, child death rate and teen drug and alcohol abuse compared to other states. “Minnesota has always been touted as a great place to raise kids, to have a family,” research and policy said Stephanie Hogenson, director with Children’s Defense Fund-Minnesota to Minnesota Public Radio. “We really have a history of being innovators of policies and programs that support children and families to thrive.” The amount of children living in poverty has grown in recent years nationally and that is also true for Minnesota, though the state’s rate is significantly lower than the national average, the Star Tribune reports. “Low-income families have not seen the recovery from the recession that high-income families have,” Hogenson said to the Star Tribune, adding that the state should not be complacent because of the state’s high ranking compared to other states. “We have a low bar in this country,” she said to the Star Tribune.