Campus Club plans around Coffman closing

The Campus Club board of directors voted Tuesday to create a planning committee designed to ensure the dining facility survives the two-year Coffman Union renovation.
After the student union closes Tuesday for a $50 million renovation, the club will be homeless for at least three weeks. The committee is expected to make final recommendations by Nov. 30.
About 50 people gathered at Tuesday’s meeting to discuss the fate of the 88-year-old club. The private, faculty-run dining hall has been housed in the student union for more than two decades.
Four club board members, two administrators and two Faculty Consultative Committee members will make up the planning committee.
“Our first obligation and concern is the staff,” said Hy Berman, board president and history professor.
Berman said he wants all efforts to be made to secure the club employees’ futures.
“I think the board has been overwhelmed with how much they have had to take on collectively,” said Sally Gregory Kohlstedt, board member and history of science technology professor. She said the club needs to organize more effectively during the union’s renovation.

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