Dear Dr. Date,This…

Dear Dr. Date,
This being the end of the semester and all, I didn’t know if I should be writing this. I seem to have a slight problem. I thought I knew how some guys’ minds worked, but now I know I have absolutely no idea how any and all guys’ minds work.
There is a guy I had noticed every now and then in a class of mine. I would notice him looking at me from time to time. I even smiled at him once when we locked eyes. But about a week and a half ago, I found myself running into this guy like every other (if not every) day. I didn’t know what to make of the situation. Was it a sign? Merely a coincidence? Or was it fate?!
I know fate is a very strong word that some tend to use loosely, but what do you think it was? I thought it maybe was a sign, because I had never really seen this guy before. Then one whole week I saw him everywhere, and I know he recognizes me. I’m not sure how I feel about this guy, but seeing him so often made me at least think about him.
One day, I tried to talk to him. I said “Hi,” but he ignored me. What’s up with that? Was I somehow wrong about our accidental run-ins being a “sign?” If so, what were the chances of my running into him so many times in one week, with there being so many students on this very large campus? I’ve run into him on all three campuses.
Please help me. Would it be best to just move on? Because that is what I am trying to do.
— Confused

This is similar to the phenomenon that occurs when you try to quit smoking.
Suddenly, everyone around you appears to be smoking. And not just smoking, either. These smokers are running, hopping, playing and otherwise having the best time of their lives smoking. It sucks, but it’s only a heightened sense of observation that is tuned specifically to smoking. The same thing happens when you break up with someone. Suddenly, everything you see reminds you of your ex.
I’m not saying you don’t have a chance with this guy, but I would not assume that he’s trailing you. It’s probably just coincidence (and that you are now looking for him).
I don’t believe that anyone would actually ignore another person who said “Hi” to them. It’s more likely he didn’t hear you, or he didn’t think you were talking to him. He could be partially deaf, too. A surprising number of people are partially deaf, and because the human body is so adaptable, you don’t even notice. Next time, drop all your books in front of him or, better yet, on top of him.