KKK group wants to adopt a highway

Michael Geissler


A Georgian chapter of the Ku Klux Klan has applied to adopt a section of a northern Georgia highway, according to CNN.

The group would be recognized by the state to be responsible for cleaning a section of Georgia State Route 515 in Union County, Georgia.

Klan chapter secretary April Chambers said they aren’t doing it for publicity, simply to keep the mountains clean.

"We're not racists," Chambers said Monday. "We just want to be with white people. If that's a crime, then I don't know. It's all right to be black and Latino and proud, but you can't be white and proud. I don't understand it."

According to ABC Alabama, the Georgia Department of Transportation is meeting Monday with the state Attorney General’s Office to discuss how to move forward. In a similar attempt by a Missouri chapter, a federal appeals court decided that the state can’t forbid the group from participating in the program based on political beliefs.

"Any civic-minded organization, business, individual, family, city, county, state, or federal agency is welcome to volunteer in the Georgia Adopt-A-Highway program," the DOT website says.

Chambers told CNN that "I don't see why we can't (adopt the stretch of highway)," she said. "Would it be any different if it was the Black Panthers or something? Someone always has some kind of race card."