Bike delivery man collides with truck

Also, a house party Saturday turned violent in the Como neighboorhood.

Nickalas Tabbert

A Stadium Village Jimmy John’s delivery man suffered multiple injuries after crashing his bike into a dump truck last week.

The man was heading south in the northbound lane of Oak Street Southeast when he slid under the rear wheels of a dump truck and was run over, according to the police report.

The man broke his femur and pelvis in the accident, said Rob Mulligan, director of operations for MikLin Enterprises, the company that owns three Jimmy John’s franchises on campus.

The accident, which happened in front of a group of University of Minnesota cheerleaders and Goldy Gopher, is likely the worst his Stadium Village restaurant has ever had, he said.

As of Tuesday, he remained at Hennepin County Medical Center in satisfactory condition, hospital spokeswoman Christine Hill said.

The man rode in the street to the large group of cheerleaders on the sidewalk, University police Deputy Chief Chuck Miner said.

Don Gilbert, the driver of the truck, said he waited for a woman in the crosswalk and then the cheerleaders to make a left turn onto Beacon Street Southeast. When he saw the group wasn’t going to cross, he completed his turn and was run into by the biker.

Paige Kazak, a member of the all-girl cheerleading squad who saw the accident happen, said the biker shouted “Go Gophers” as he passed by.

He turned and noticed the truck too late, she said. When he tried to turn left and avoid the truck, he slid under it.

Virginie Nadimi, an urban studies senior, said she had just walked across the street when she heard someone screaming in pain.

Nadimi said she saw blood on the ground and the man was breathing.

Two cheerleaders rushed to help the biker afterward, said Morgan Poulson, another cheerleader. They tried to keep him still until police arrived.

Though there are occasionally accidents with delivery drivers in cars, biking accidents are unique, Miner said.

Como house party turns violent

A house party near the University turned violent early Sunday morning, resulting in a hit-and-run.

Officers found a Blaine, Minn., man lying on his back bleeding from the head and legs, according to the police report. He was transported to Hennepin County Medical Center.

The fight started inside a house located near the 1100 block of 14th Avenue Southeast around 2 a.m.

Forest McClaron, a friend of the victim who was at the party, said the fight moved outside and involved more than 20 people. He said he doesn’t know who started the fight.

Glass bottles were thrown, and two were cracked over the man’s head, McClaron said. When members of the group tried to leave in a van, McClaron and the man chased them.

Bottles were still being thrown when they closed in, and the van accelerated toward them, McClaron said. He moved out of the way, but the van hit his friend, knocking him to the ground for the third time that night.

McClaron said his friend got up again and started walking before having to sit down. Friends tried to keep him awake until police arrived, he said.

According to the report, someone at the party described the van and knew the first three numbers of the license plate.

Sgt. Scott Olson of the Minneapolis Police Department Traffic Enforcement Unit said the chances of finding the vehicle are limited without the full license plate.

Depending on the injuries, charges could range from a gross misdemeanor to a felony, Olson said.