U of M to break world record tomorrow?

Cody Zwiefelhofer

Tomorrow’s the big day — the day that the U of M is trying to break the Guiness World Record for number of flu shots given in a day. The Minnesota Vikings are coming, and so is Goldy. The previous Guinness World Record for the number of flu shots in a day is 3,271, set in Florida in 2006. However, our own state is rebelling against us, with Rochester’s Mayo Clinic claiming that they gave out 7,401 shots just last week! So, while 3,272 is the main goal for organizers, they are also looking at 7,402 shots as a goal. Dave Golden, an organizer, said that they expect in between 6,000 and 10,000 students, staff, and faculty to get a flu shot tomorrow. Periodically, centers will call each other and update on the number of flu shots. Pay attention to the website tomorrow for updates on if or when the U breaks the world record.