100 highest paid U employees largely admins

The list of 100 highest paid University of Minnesota employees represents mostly professors who teach in business, medicine and economics, while those in humanities are noticeably absent. In fact, the economics department is the only area of study from the College of Liberal Arts with professors on the list. University Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs Arlene Carney said this fact reflects the varying market pressures that exist for each department. Carney said because the economics department has a high national ranking, there is more pressure to attract high-profile economists, who often require a higher salary âÄî a move which Carney said often works for the departmentâÄôs advantage. âÄúWhen you bring in very distinguished faculty, they also bring money in with them,âÄù Carney said. âÄúThey get grants from federal agencies and attract foundation money.âÄù Humanities professors, on the other hand, have lower salaries nationally as there is a much higher pool of applicants, Carney said. âÄúIf there was a faculty member in the humanities who was a Nobel Peace Prize winner, they would have a very high salary,âÄù Carney said. âÄúOn average, economists and psychologists would make more than languages and philosophies.âÄù Beyond academics, the athletics department has seven people on the list, with basketball coach Tubby Smith and football coach Tim Brewster in the top five. Smith, who is in his second season as the head basketball coach, is the highest paid employee at the University with a base salary of $630,000. While Athletics Director Joel Maturi acknowledges Smith is making more than University President Bob Bruininks , he said that occurs at all of the Big Ten schools. âÄúIf we were to offer Tubby Smith what Bruininks makes, we would not have Tubby Smith,âÄù Maturi said. Maturi said like faculty positions, coach salaries are determined by the market, so pay must be competitive in order to avoid losing coaches to other institutions. Maturi said the fact that the basketball coach is the highest paid position at the University is a reflection of the society we live in, where a heavy influence is placed on sports. âÄúMaybe it shouldnâÄôt be that way, but it matches the current culture,âÄù Maturi said. After Smith, Carlson School of Management Dean Alison Davis-Blake is in the No. 2 spot, making $477,000 as compared to Bruininks, who is third on the list with $455,000. Like Smith, Carney said Davis-BlakeâÄôs salary is necessary to keep the dean, who is accomplished in her field, at the University instead of out in the market, where she could potentially make more money. The largest group on the list is administration, comprising nearly half of the top 100. Departments with numerous faculty on the list include the Carlson School of Management and the School of Public Health, both of which have 13 professors on the list. The economics department has 10 professors in the top 100, with Professor Patrick Kehoe listed as the highest paid professor in the eighth slot. To view a breakdown by departments, click here.