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Xbox 360 has avid gamers in the bag

Three days before Black Friday ” one of the biggest shopping days of the year ” Microsoft is releasing the successor to their Xbox video game console.

The Xbox 360 has received a lot of hype among gaming fans. Its new features include more-detailed graphics, a faster processor and wireless controllers.

Because of the publicity around it, people seeking to buy “the next generation game system” on its release day might have to do some hard work to get one.

Journalism junior Kenny Ronnan is looking forward to the release of the new Xbox, but said he will wait until the price decreases.

The Xbox 360 costs $399.99. Microsoft also offers a $299.99 version with fewer features.

“I’m really looking forward to its release. The new Xbox is going to set the standard for video games from now on,” Ronnan said. “They’re putting more and more powerful computer components in them.”

But waiting might not be a good idea if gamers like Ronnan want to buy an Xbox in the near future.

The Roseville Best Buy will have 53 units to sell starting at 9 a.m. today.

“We anticipate people to pitch tents in front of the store,” said Clinton Arneson, media relations worker for the store.

He predicted the store will run out of stock within 30 minutes.

The unlucky ones who come in after the units have been sold might have to wait until next year to get their hands on a console. Arneson said that because the system is not easy to make and because Best Buy is waiting to work out possible bugs in the system, people wanting to get an Xbox 360 might have to wait until February.

However, getting an Xbox might not be the best idea for Ronnan, at least for his schoolwork.

“Once I get it, my studies are going to hurt,” he said. “Once I start playing a game, I don’t stop until I beat it. It’s all I think about.”

First-year chemistry student Eleni Wiley-Schaber does not consider herself a gamer but said she has also heard a lot about Xbox 360’s release.

“I heard about it on the radio, and we were talking about it in physics,” she said.

First-year mechanical engineering student Grant Wolters said he does not believe a video game system deserves this much attention.

“It’s a video game; there’s no reason to be so hyped up about it,” he said. “Guys shouldn’t be freaking out about it.”

First-year student Casey Kussatz said he does not think the new Xbox will live up to its hype.

With all of the new features, there might also be problems.

“Developers might find it hard to make games for it,” Kussatz said.

This, he said, is one reason he uses a Sony PlayStation 2.

“PlayStation 2 has more, better games,” he said. “I own 20 PlayStation 2 games. I don’t think there are 20 Xbox games I would own.”

A big selling point for the Xbox 360 is its Xbox Live feature. With the press of a button on the controller, players can connect to the online gaming network.

A subscription to the network will allow players to take part in multiplayer games over the Internet via a broadband connection.

“Xbox Live will be really important and huge in college,” Ronnan said.

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