Dear Dr. Date,I ca…

Dear Dr. Date,
I cannot tell you how greatly I appreciate your wise, loving, understanding and never falsely loving (that is approving when somebody really screws up things) words in The Daily!
I guess I am not the only one who sometimes acts stupid in a way that you meet somebody very nice but fail to communicate that you would not mind meeting that person again. I also realize that your column serves much more important purposes than correcting such “minor” stupidities.
Maybe there should be a column in the paper devoted to such messages. That’s just an idea. Anyway, here is the thing: On Wednesday during spring break, I went to see a Japanese comedy at the U Film Society — on my own. The film was great. And the guy selling the tickets was also very, very nice — I would love to talk to him. I do not know how to get in touch with him. Could you please help? I appreciate your understanding.
— A Usually Courageous but This Time a Cowardly Woman

Thanks for your kind words. Normally I do not print letters that point out a specific person, but heck, it’s spring. If the U Film employee in question knows who he is and wants to meet this woman, please contact me by e-mail.
What’s up with the U Film people, anyway? I always seem to have a friend that is crushing on a U Film employee. It must be that the independent film world draws wild-eyed crazy beauties.
This of course leads us to the completely inconsequential debate of which campus department or organization or related business has the cutest employees. Is it the grumpy staff from one of the coffee shops in Dinkytown? Is it the peppy weight trainers at the Rec Center? The hip disc jockeys at Radio K? The hard-working members of Facilities Management? The illustrious Board of Regents?
Before this turns shallow, I should remind you that “cute” is a subjective term that encompasses more than just physical looks. Personality, charm, style, attitude, wit, intelligence, humor and demeanor are all qualities that make a person cute.
I trust that you all understand this isn’t a call for gross objectification of women or men. I don’t want to know which department has the best collective ass. I want to know which place on campus has a staff that, because of all the aforementioned attributes, makes you drop by for no particular reason. Did you really need to buy a cookie, or did you buy it just to chat with the person behind the counter? Did you really have a problem with your computer, or did you just want to ask the attendant a question? Did you really mean to choose that major, or did you have a crush on one of the TAs?
Don’t name specific people. You cannot nominate your own organization. Please send your nomination to me and, if all goes well, I’ll print it.