Brewster announces 2007 recruiting class

by Tyler Rushmeyer

Minnesota football coach Tim Brewster announced the 22 newest members of his team Wednesday before heading to the Sota Social to celebrate the occasion.

The first-time head coach said the recruiting process consisted of keeping former coach Glen Mason’s recruits on board while doing his best in the short time period to add athletes that will make an immediate impact.

Having just three weeks to work with, Brewster said the 2007 class is solid despite not being able to convince all Minnesota athletes with prior commitments to change their minds.

“We didn’t get everyone we wanted,” he said. “But I am more excited about the guys we got, than the guys who are leaving.”

Brewster said that although he brought in just five of the 22 recruits, he feels confident that he has made an impression across the country and the 2008 recruiting season has already begun.

“We had some quality players leave Minnesota this year and that is something we need to address in the future,” he said. “But I’m already excited about the 2008 class.”

Although national signing day has now come and gone, Brewster said a few scholarships are still available.

For now, he said he is excited to get the new recruits into the mix for his 2007 squad.

“Every position is wide open,” he said. “We need playmakers and if a player can help us win just one game, than he won’t be redshirting.”