Agreeing with debaptism

I had never heard of debaptism before it was criticized in a column printed in The Minnesota Daily last week . Now that I have heard, I consider myself a staunch supporter. The criticism states that âÄú âĦ whether Hunt likes it or not, he was baptized, even if he was too young to understand.âÄù This brings up a point best addressed by author and outspoken atheist Richard Dawkins: why do we label a child by the religion of his parents? We certainly wouldnâÄôt say âÄúThatâÄôs a Republican childâÄù simply because of his parentâÄôs political affiliation âÄî why should we assume children hold the same beliefs of their parents? WhatâÄôs wrong with formally separating yourself from a belief system that, as a reasonable and intelligent adult, you find atrocious? Religion has advocated murder, rape, intolerance and oppression since its inception. IâÄôm sure no one would complain if a person âÄúbaptizedâÄù into HitlerâÄôs Youth as a child asked to be formally severed from his former affiliation, especially when he had no choice in the first place. Keith Lawrence University student