Walsh needs time

by Spencer Doar


Brendon Walsh looks and sounds like the lovechild of Louis C.K. and Nick Offerman’s “Parks and Recreation” character, Ron Swanson.    Walsh even has that sort of bemused stage presence that Louis has—chuckling and pausing throughout his act as though he were grappling with the material for the first time.   Walsh is performing at the Acme Comedy Club on Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.

The previous comparison to Louis C.K. does not extend much beyond appearance.  Walsh does not yet command like some stand-ups can, nor does he have extremely creative ideas.  He is funny in a conventional sort of way—sex-toys are easy fodder.  He could very well hone his talents and jump up a level in the next few years.  

For $15, Acme always has the potential to be a rewarding night—features and openers have the same shot at the crowd that headliners do, just for less time.  Be sure to avoid Acme’s drinks that come in carafes—they are almost all ice.