Employee steals from own liquor store

by Benjamin Ganje

An employee at U Liquors stole $1,500 from the cash register Saturday evening while on duty, according to Minneapolis police reports.
The employee took the cash and then left shortly after 6 p.m., said Mike Burton, a University marketing senior who works at the liquor store.
Another store employee notified the police about the theft at 6:53 p.m.
Burton, who was out of the store at the time of the theft, said a manager was on duty when the money was stolen.
No arrests have been made because police have not been able to locate the suspect, Burton said.

In other police news:
ù University and Minneapolis police are urging bicyclists to adhere to bans prohibiting them from riding on sidewalks in Stadium Village and Dinkytown.
Steve Sanders, a University parking and transportation project manager, said that limited sidewalk space because of construction has heightened the need for bicyclists to follow the ban.
The bicycle bans have been in place for more than one year. Police first placed stencils alerting bicyclists to the ban in Dinkytown last fall. Stencils were added to Stadium Village sidewalks several months later.
“They can write tickets, because it is against the law,” Sanders said. He added that the stricter enforcement will serve to alleviate potential pedestrian accidents during the period of heavier congestion.

ù A 19-year-old woman was charged Aug. 20 with driving under the influence on Fourth Street Southeast earlier that morning.
The woman is not affiliated with the University.
University Police saw the woman turn the wrong way onto University Avenue Southeast. An officer pursued the driver until she turned onto Fourth Street Southeast, again in the wrong direction, according to the police report.
When the officer confronted her, she said, “I don’t like the police, and the police made me nervous. This is why I ran,” the report stated.

ù Two women attending summer conferences at the University fell down stairs at Centennial Hall Aug. 4, according to a University police report.
University Police responded to a call from Centennial Hall indicating that a woman had fallen down the stairs.
While on the scene of the accident, police heard a commotion a few flights down the stairs from where they were treating the first woman.
After checking out the noise, University Police found another woman who had missed the last step and was lying at the bottom of the stairs.
The women, one from Colorado and the other from Nebraska, were not seriously injured in the stairwell accidents.

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