Iran hullabaloo a diversion

Tragically, the United States citizenry may again be scared into initiating violent action.

Tension between the United States, Israel and Iran has intensified in the past months over Iran’s desire to pursue its nuclear program.

The fact that Iran perhaps would be tempted in pursuing a nuclear weapons program is conceivable. It’s important not to dismiss this fact. However, there is a strong exaggeration of the Iran threat; security is not an issue. As it stands, Iran does not, and will not, be able to produce nuclear bombs anytime soon.

It will be at least five to 10 years before Iran would even have the capability of creating a nuclear bomb, according to International Atomic Energy Agency experts. And that’s only if Iran goes about the process without any technical difficulties, is able to obtain the materials necessary and doesn’t encounter international reprimands before then.

The current push by the Bush administration to place Iran in the spotlight clearly is more fear mongering and another diversion from the more immediate concerns facing this country, such as our military being stretched too thin and the president’s disregard for the Constitution.

While President George W. Bush claims to using a “diplomatic front” when dealing with Iran, he recently reapplied his label for the country as the “axis of evil.” Bush’s evangelizing never has helped the United States and it certainly will not help diplomatic relations.

Additionally, if Iran does represent a real threat right now, the president will have to offer more evidence than Monday afternoon sermons and doublespeak. It’ll be a tragic day if the United States again is scared into initiating violent action against another country under the same president.

The United States first must take a renewed look at its failing war on terror and deal with the important internal issues at home before lashing out at an Iran that is years away from even having nuclear weapons.