Raid arrestees appear in court today

The outside security door at the Gopher Campus Motor Lodge barely clings to its obliterated frame.
The metal door to an inside room still lacks a deadbolt and handle after Minneapolis police shot their way in to make a drug bust Wednesday night.
Police spared no expense while charging into the motel after a three -month undercover operation.
Five adults and one juvenile were arrested in two different rooms at the motel during the 40-officer raid. Minneapolis police spokeswoman Penny Parrish said police recovered an undetermined amount of crack cocaine and marijuana as well as a large amount of cash.
Parrish said the Minneapolis High Risk Entry Team entered the motel and used “a device” to blast the door handle and deadbolt off before ramming the door open.
When the door swung open, one of the arrestees drew a handgun on the police. The man, 27, has the motel listed as his residence on police reports. Those reports said he momentarily refused to drop the weapon, but finally did.
Parrish said further details are not available because the raid was part of an ongoing local, metro and state investigation.
“There could be more investigation going on at the location,” Parrish said.
Many police officials could not be reached for comment.
The five adult arrestees are being held on 36-hour hold at Hennepin County Adult Detention Center.
All five men, ranging in age from 19 to 27, were arrested on narcotics possession. A female minor was also arrested. The 27-year-old man could face additional charges involving weapons and fourth degree assault.
The Minnesota Daily has chosen not to publish the names of the arrestees unless they are charged.
Two of the arrestees have prior criminal records. One pleaded guilty to third-degree assault in 1992 and spent four days in a county workhouse. The 27-year-old man was arrested last Tuesday in Minneapolis for marijuana possession.
Motel manager Roman Sowada said police didn’t inform him of the Wednesday raid before entering.
“They didn’t show me a search warrant nor did they tell me what they took out of here,” Sowada said.
But Parrish said Minneapolis police policy said the officers didn’t have to inform anyone.
“Suppose the manager was friends with the people the police were looking for,” Parrish said.
This is not the first time the motel has had police attention.
In 1989, James Wade strangled Francine Hill to death after the two went on a four-day drinking binge. He was convicted of manslaughter.
Minneapolis police have also received reports of prostitution, rapes, robberies and stabbings at the motel.
But Sowada disputes these reports.
“There has been nothing illegal other than a couple of raids in the past few years,” Sowada said. “These things happen in any hotel, even the new ones.”
Officials from Minneapolis Police RECAP Unit, which tracks calls to certain addresses, said there have been a total of 148 calls for assistance from the motel in the last year.
Sowada said he doubts there have been that many calls.
“It’s more like 117,” Sowada said. “There are motels elsewhere who have more calls than I do.”
Sowada also said he isn’t sure if the police will reimburse him for the damage done to the motel.
All five adults arrested in the raid will appear in drug court today at 1:30 p.m. Officials at the Hennepin County Courthouse said they will probably be formally charged at the hearing.