Student robbed at gunpoint

by Andy Steinke

A University student was robbed at gunpoint Friday in Centennial Hall, according to a crime alert sent out by University police.

First-year student Daniel Grittner said two men came into his dorm room and showed him a gun before robbing him at about 4:20 p.m. Grittner was not injured during the incident.

The two men had approached him Thursday night in the Centennial Hall courtyard and were looking to buy illegal drugs from him, Grittner said.

He said the two men came back Friday night to get the drugs.

A woman, who police said had a birthmark on the side of her face, let the men into the building, Grittner said.

Grittner said the men hid in the bathroom near his first-floor room while the woman checked to make sure the hall was clear.

Then they entered his room and “flashed the weapon,” he said.

“They asked me where the stuff was and I showed them,” he said. “I gave it to them because I didn’t want to get shot.”

They took the drugs, Grittner’s money, and his cell phone.

When the three suspects left, Grittner called police.

University Police Chief Greg Hestness said the robbery was random because Grittner invited the men into the building.

He said he sent out the crime alert because the suspects are still at large.

The case is under investigation by University Police.

Centennial Hall has security cameras that might have captured the suspects entering or leaving the residence hall.