Police arrest man for attempted theft

Two local bars made calls last week to report disorderly conduct from guests.

by Elizabeth Cook

.The employees witnessed the man opening a light blue van labeled “State of Minnesota” and stealing $350 worth of tools. Greg Hestness, University police chief, said police believe the man intended to sell the stolen items in the future.

The man also had a female companion acting as his lookout. He began to run after one of the health employees approached him. The suspect was then caught and booked for theft and outstanding warrants.

“I think it was an opportune thing,” said Donald Drier, a witness.

Hestness said people who frequently commit these types of crimes are always looking for something that is of value and are willing to break in to get it.

“I don’t think it’s meaningful to them who the owner of the vehicle is,” Hestness said.

Drunk and disorderly

Officers responded to two calls for help at local bars last week.

In one incident, a man who was extremely intoxicated with bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, poor balance and a strong odor of alcohol, was attempting to drive away when bar security called officers.

Police said the man was uncooperative when the officers confronted him. He was then placed in handcuffs that were double locked and checked for tightness.

In the vehicle that the man attempted to drive, police found keys in the ignition, a broken window, and a large amount of tools and construction equipment.

The officers were unable to find the vehicle’s owner, and the vehicle was then towed to the impound lot.

The intoxicated man was admitted to the detox unit of the Hennepin County Center for Chemical Dependency.

In another incident, police arrested a man for disorderly conduct at Palmers Bar. The man is suspected of ripping a bouncer’s shirt while being asked to leave the business.

Hestness said bouncers call the police with some regularity. Sometimes there are a few customers who are at the bar and get served too much.

Homeless man ID’d

Officers on a routine bicycle patrol arrested a homeless man identified with a warrant for his arrest last week.

Police said they approached the man who was sleeping on the sidewalk to check his condition.

The man told officers he was homeless and didn’t know where he was.

Police used his Minnesota ID to identify him and learn about the misdemeanor charge against him in Blue Earth County.

The man was placed under arrest and transported to the Hennepin County jail.

Alcoholism and mental illness affect many homeless people, Hestness said.

Officers on campus are trained and have much experience with mental illness and know how to deal with the situations, he said.