Fees, liberally speaking

by Alice Johnson

I am writing in response to the letter âÄúStudent services fees fund campus liberalismâÄù published in The Minnesota Daily on March 11. I am a liberal student who participates in some of the groups that support liberal causes on campus that receive student services fees, and I feel that these groups deserve the funding that they are given for the many campus events and opportunities they offer to me and my fellow students. While I have strong liberal political values, I too find it unfortunate that so few of the fees-receiving groups represent conservative values and causes. However, I find it more unfortunate that our student fees are funding conservative groups that show such little involvement in the campus community and are much less visible and accessible than other groups receiving comparable funding. I would love to see the day when groups that represent conservative causes on this campus are as constructive and active as the more liberal groups and involve as much of the campus community as these groups do. Once this happens, the amount of fees individual conservative groups are receiving will seem perfectly justifiable, and maybe we will stop âÄúwhining.âÄù Alice Johnson, University undergraduate student