Tom Emmer for a free market

by Jackie Caston - University student

Eventually, we have to stop dumping money we donâÄôt have into temporary relief. We have to stop perpetuating debt and this recession in favor of fleeting gratification for lobbying groups and small portions of the population. We need to spare people from burdening taxes because, despite what representatives may claim, itâÄôs the people who keep the system running.
But somewhere, tyranny adopted a softer face and started making grand and glorious promises. And we forgot that we were never meant to serve the government. We forgot that the government exists to serve us.
This is because the entrepreneurs who fuel the economy, hire workers and keep our free market running, are the people. And instead of giving them a break through tax cuts and giving them a sense of security by removing the extreme and constantly fluctuating federal measures and mandates from the market, our politicians are willing to risk causing disincentives to invest and hire.
But of course, since many of them have no real experience in business and consider themselves to be of a high moral order, politicians justify burdening us further with excessive spending, creating a deteriorating economy.
We can pay tax-and-spend Democrats until we have nothing left to give and no way of earning more, and until every house on our block is in foreclosure and every business unable to hire or even stay afloat, but they will still be saying the same thing: âÄòIf we only had a little more of your money, we could fix this.âÄô
They canâÄôt fix this. But we can. ThatâÄôs why we need to elect representatives who will let us find work and earn money, who will stop pulling us deeper into recession. ArenâÄôt you sick of voting for and paying for people who say we canâÄôt take care of ourselves, that the reason we disagree with them is because we just donâÄôt understand, and that they know better what to do with our money than we do? Well, I am.
We need to take our country back now, while we still have the ability to do so. If we wait another term for these same old policies of âÄòtax more, spend more,âÄô we will be deeper in debt and further from a solution. This is why we should vote for candidates like Tom Emmer, who has been paying taxes and working in the business world. Emmer, like us, is a citizen who has earned a living here and who âÄî unlike the DFL gubernatorial candidate Mark Dayton âÄî actually keeps money here. But most importantly, he will actually represent us rather than rule over us.