Twin Cities still have plenty for grads

Despite the inclination to leave Minnesota, there is plenty left to enjoy.

by Tiffany Trawick

Summer is finally here, and with that comes newly graduated students and also those of us who are still grinding through our final years of undergraduate education. Naturally the thought comes to mind, “What am I going to do when I get out of here?” It is common for a lot of students to want to just get out of Minnesota, but is that really the best option?

Speaking with David Smith, a recent graduate of the University of Minnesota, he gave great insight as to what Minnesota has to offer. Being a native of New Jersey and the East Coast, he carries a unique perspective of the opportunities the Twin Cities have that are often overlooked. Coming to Minnesota for school was one of the greatest decisions Smith decided to make. “It provided me with a fresh start,” he said.

“As far as college, Minnesota has a great social scene, from theaters, to clubs and lounges, museums, restaurants and cool ‘pockets’ to discover,” said Smith. “I have found the more you venture through Minnesota and the cities, the more you discover. The entertainment in the area is simply unbeatable, especially regarding the arts, theater and music. There are always events taking place, from concerts in the park to Broadway productions at the Orpheum. Many people also don’t know that we have the biggest theater district in the United States after New York, no wonder we’re called the “Minnie Apple.”

Another plus is our scenery. “The beautiful thing about these locations (Minneapolis and surrounding cities) is they bring every age and demographic together, the beauty of this area is amazing,” said Smith.

On another level, Minnesota has much to offer economically; “There are so many job opportunities, even the cost of living, especially compared to the bigger cities,” said Smith. This is especially important for students to know, because our future lies in the space that we decide to reside in, what many of us don’t know is that we are in a prime place to stay in right now.