by Justin Horwath

Alas, Unfit for Print, the editorial board blog, is running. In naming the blog, we thought Unfit for Print would explain its purpose. The board pitches a lot of ideas in our bi-weekly meetings which, although deserve comment, aren’t print-worthy. The name might have salacious undertones. Indeed, some board members, myself included, suggested that posting a nude picture would properly reflect the blog’s name and perhaps even increase readership. But, for purposes on which U.S. Supreme Court can’t even agree, we’re unable to post anything actually unfit for print. (See Miller v California 1973, one of the most patently illogical rulings in the Court’s history). So if you’re looking for porn, look elsewhere. Or read Dr. Date. Otherwise, board members will update the blog with expansions on our spatially limited editorials along with editorial ideas pitched at meetings but that don’t make it in the paper. And don’t count out random missives. Justin Horwath Editorials and Opinions Editor