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Interim President Jeff Ettinger inside Morrill Hall on Sept. 20, 2023. Ettinger gets deep with the Daily: “It’s bittersweet.”
Ettinger reflects on his presidency
Published April 22, 2024

Culture Compass – Braids, Hookers and Blow, Gordon Lightfoot

A&E plans your weekend. You’re welcome, posers.




7th St. Entry

8 p.m.


Braids is an experimental art-pop group from Canada who crafts their music around complex rhythmic stylings and nontraditional vocal structures. I know what youâÄôre thinking: IsnâÄôt that band called Animal Collective? Though similar in some sense, Braids is less reverb-y and is fronted by a female, rendering them more in the vein of, say, Björk meets Dirty Projectors. Regardless, they have a quirky sound and the entry is an ideal space to vibe on it.


 Hookers and Blow

LeeâÄôs Liquor Lounge, 101 Glenwood Ave.

11: p.m.


Breach the force field of the Dinkytown/Stadium Village bubble and catch household rocker Adam LevyâÄôs soulful project, Hookers and Blow. Sounds fun. DonâÄôt get caught.



Gordon Lightfoot

State Theater, 805 Hennepin Ave.

8 p.m.



Yeah I know, you could drop the same amount of money on two or three modern/hyped music acts but hear me out: this could very well be your only chance to see iconic folk-pop legend Gordon Lightfoot perform live on a stage. For a man whose influence within the realm of folk music was so monumental, itâÄôs worth it. ItâÄôs always the most nostalgic paragons that leave your hair raised.




Listen to this: âÄúEra ExtrañaâÄù by Neon Indian

High on the musical impress list this week is the sophomore LP coming from TexasâÄô own Neon Indian. The album hasnâÄôt even dropped yet, but you can stream it on ItâÄôs a fuzzy electro-pop blend that, in addition to providing adequate dance tuneage, also highlights the vocals of our main man, Alan Palomo (thatâÄôs Neon IndianâÄôs human name). Ride that chillwave, baby.


Drink this: Herkimer Oktoberfest

The HerkimerâÄôs Oktoberfest has the same effect that its less cool, nonalcoholic distant cousin, the cup of hot cider, does on a crisp autumn day. ItâÄôs comforting. ItâÄôs a treat because itâÄôs seasonal and itâÄôs sweet (also malty in the HerkâÄôs case). At the end of the day, though, the booze drink wins, and this robust, micro-brewed variation is a buzz-worthy choice.


Eat this: Pie on a Stick at the Mill City FarmerâÄôs market.

First off, farmerâÄôs markets are a sweet, sweet money saver for poor, poor college students. And this one, located in the quaint riverside area next to the Guthrie, is loaded with interesting food options. But I digress. Guys, itâÄôs pie âĦ on a stick!


Watch this: âÄúDriveâÄù

Let me inform you of a relevant actor named Ryan Gosling. You may know him from such roles as mouseketeer, the guy in âÄúThe Notebook,âÄù a crack-smoking teacher or âÄúbeing hot.âÄù Well, heâÄôs landed the starring role in what Netflix might call a âÄúCerebral Action Drama.âÄù ItâÄôs about a stunt driver who moonlights as a getaway driver. A heist goes terribly awry and, life in mortal danger, he sets (vrooms) out on a gritty quest to give the bad guys a reckoning of the rogue, Gosling kind. Carey Mulligan plays his sexual attraction. Sold? Sold.


Read this: âÄúJane Fonda: The Private Life of a Public WomanâÄù by Patricia Bosworth

Ask yourself this: Was there ever a woman more intriguing, more politically determined, more attractive in a leotard or more endearing in goofy grandma-age rom-com roles than Jane Fonda? I suppose itâÄôs possible, but the Jane-of-all-trades ­­­has led a pretty interesting life, which has been intelligently documented in BosworthâÄôs engaging biography.

In the words of a seminal songwriting genius called Mickey Avalon: âÄúI know you wanna do (read) the Jane Fonda (book).âÄù

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