Ron Paul brings a breath of fresh air

The Texas Congressman adds to the public debate amongst Republicans.

Tomorrow, Minnesota will hold its Republican caucus where the party will choose how to allot its delegates for a presidential nominee. The only candidate that really resonates with most students is Ron Paul. PaulâÄôs inclusion in the very public nominee-selection process has been a breath of fresh air. Where most politicians calibrate their beliefs to their intended audience, stretch the truth and often lie outright, and are willing to do almost anything to get elected, Paul has proved honest and straightforward.

Despite being the oldest candidate, he has proven to be the only one that has a grasp on a changing culture among young people that is increasingly anti-war, concerned about an expanding security state, accepting of homosexuals and aware of the damage that the War on Drugs has done, especially to minority communities.

To be sure, Paul has many flaws, as do the other candidates for the Republican nomination. He was responsible for approving newsletters with racist content and has irresponsible positions on certain issues, like returning to the gold standard and abolishing the Federal Reserve. His proposals to dismantle important protections for the poor and disadvantaged and letting the free market rampage go unchecked are ideas we cannot support.

But his voice is a valuable one in the ongoing discussion. He highlights the absurdities and dishonesties in the other candidates, and he also shows that the GOP does not need to be a monolith. There is room for a diversity of opinions in a party that too often prizes ideological purity over all else. We welcome Ron PaulâÄôs voice in the continuing process of selecting a Republican nominee for president.