Show some respect

IâÄôd like to think that more than anything else, college can teach us to be tolerant and understanding of others. Yet I see two prime examples of this not happening in two recent letters sent by Dane McFarlane and Chris Stevenson. Now that the votes have been cast, you might think the shameful mudslinging would stop until we next find it convenient to insult each other for political goals. But not these two; rather than gratefully accept the results of the democracy we live in, they would rather call their countrymen âÄúinsaneâÄù and âÄúwackyâÄù for daring to make a different choice than theirs, evidently choosing âÄúmediocrityâÄù by being among the perhaps 50 percent of America that actually goes out and votes. This baffles me: would you rather the majority be ignored in favor of your own personal views? Clearly, you both have strong opinions and researched your choices carefully before casting your ballot. Assuming those who disagree with you did not do so insults them and shows your own immaturity. Everyone deserves some common respect, even those you don’t agree with. Nathaniel Kofalt University student