Ramen and barbecue restaurant coming to Dinkytown

Ichiddo, a Japanese-based restaurant will bring a variety of ramen and barbecue options to the neighborhood.

The former Baldys BBQ space undergoes renovations for new ramen and barbecue restaurant Ichiddo Ramen & BBQ on Sunday.

Alex Tuthill-Preus

The former Baldy’s BBQ space undergoes renovations for new ramen and barbecue restaurant Ichiddo Ramen & BBQ on Sunday.

by Arianna Valenzuela-Zazueta

A new Japanese restaurant is coming to Dinkytown, occupying the former space of Baldy’s BBQ.

Ichiddo Ramen & BBQ, a Japanese restaurant offering authentic ramen and barbecue options, will open its doors in Dinkytown in November.

Owner Tony Yang said he wants to introduce the University community to authentic Japanese cuisines. 

The restaurant, located along University Avenue Southeast, will offer a variety of ramen, including char siu, beef, niku soba, teriyaki ton and more.

The menu’s barbecue options include short ribs fried Japanese-style and marinated with sesame seeds, chicken wings and more. 

Beverage options will include foreign beers, Saki and non-alcoholic beverages.

Both Yang and Li Xiaodong came from China to America to expand their businesses. Xiaodong is the main chef of the restaurant and has expertise in cooking authentic Japanese cuisines. 

“I was in culinary school … I [took] almost three years to learn Japanese food,” said Xiaodong through a translator. “Since [then], [I’ve spent] 18 years in cooking.” 

Among Dinkytown’s Asian food offerings, Yang saw an opportunity to introduce authentic Japanese ramen to an area without the cuisine. 

Yang said his restaurant will differentiate itself because of its authentic ramen, which he feels isn’t common in Minneapolis. 

“You can eat the real Japanese ramen,” Yang said through a translator. “Ramen will be the next trend here.” 

Food prices vary from $9 to $11. Ichiddo’s business hours will be 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Dinkytown is a great location because many students walk around the area, Yang added. 

“Because the weather [here] is cold, I want people to come in to try ramen,” he said via translator.

Burrigato owner Daniel Ringgenberg said Ichiddo will bring diversity to Dinkytown, but added the new restaurant will face some competition. 

“It is a little funny because … Burrigato, K-Bop, Tasty Pot and The Cove [opened] up all this summer in Dinkytown,” he said. “That’s four new Asian restaurants … [Ichiddo] will face a little bit of competition.”

But Ringgenberg said he thinks Ichiddo will help his business rather than hurt it. 

“[Ichiddo] will help [my business] because right now we are on 15th Avenue Southeast, it’s not as trafficked for food,” he said. “So [with this location], this area will become more known for food.”

The restaurant has been under construction for the last month and will open Nov. 1.