Netflix docs you need to watch

Grace Kramer

One of Netflix’s greatest features is its vast collection of documentaries. While binge-watching TV shows and watching Netflix original series can be enjoyable, Netflix documentaries are unbeatable.


Here are four must-watch Netflix documentaries.


Life Itself

This documentary tells the story of esteemed Chicago film critic Roger Ebert. From his early college years of writing for the school paper to his eventual battle with cancer, Ebert’s story is heartwarming, funny and inspiring.


Exit Through the Gift Shop

The life of secretive graffiti artist Banksy is shown in this documentary.  Filmmaker Thierry Guetta follows the anonymous Banksy as well as other infamous artists such as Invader in a documentary created by Banksy himself.


The Queen of Versailles

Following the absorbent life of a billionaire couple with insane spending habits, The Queen of Versailles shows the downfall of a family in the height of the 2008 recession.



This documentary tells the story of comedian Tig Notaro. Notaro was diagnosed with cancer and instead of spending time worrying she did a comedy special about it. The special was a huge success and opened doors for Tig’s career.