Knife-point assault targets student in University Village

Liz Bogut

University Police arrested a 20-year-old male Friday after he assaulted a University Village resident at knife-point earlier that morning.
The victim, a College of Liberal Arts student who asked not to be identified, said the suspect arrived at the apartment at 2 a.m. with his friend, a roommate of the victim.
He said the suspect had been drinking all night and woke the other residents in the apartment with loud music. After the residents asked the man to leave, the situation turned violent.
“We told him to get out, and he started yelling and pushing us,” the victim said. “I ran to my room to call the police, but when he saw me on the phone, he went to the kitchen to grab a knife. He held the knife to my neck, and I dropped the phone.”
One roommate was able to run down to the lobby and contact the police. By the time authorities arrived, the man had fled, the victim said.
Police then found the suspect at Bakers Square on University Avenue Southeast and arrested him. University Village is located one block away at 2601 University Ave. S.E.
“We were able to identify and arrest him. We don’t anticipate any problems with charging him,” said University Police Sgt. Jo Anne Benson.
Apartment residents said they are upset the roommate who brought the man home was not evicted.
“The three of us want our roommate to move out because we don’t think there is anything more serious than this. He needs to take responsibility for his actions,” the victim said.
The roommate who brought the man home has not been evicted or temporarily relocated.
“There is no doubt that (the roommate) is responsible for his guest’s actions,” said Rollie Buchanan, the coordinator for University Village and Roy Wilkins Hall. “But a decision cannot be made at this point because I haven’t spoken with all the parties involved. Eviction is always a possibility.”
The victim of the assault said he feels uncomfortable with the living situation after the incident.
“I think the system has the power to look out for the three of us and make a fair decision,” the victim said. “But it’s not.”
“Although this case is definitely not the norm, we are taking it very seriously,” Benson said.
She said the incident should not alarm students, but it highlights the importance of good judgment.
“Obviously they had no idea what this person was capable of doing. People need to use common sense when they bring someone home,” Benson said.
Dave Haden, program director for housing and residential life, said administrators have made it clear to the suspect that he is no longer welcome at the University. If caught on the premises, police will arrest him for trespassing.

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