Nietzche jokes, grammar quips and nihilism: 3 bizarre novelty Twitter accounts

Jackie Renzetti

We all know Twitter is great for a lot of things, whether it’s skimming headlines, sharing pictures of your cute pet or just plain old lurking. But even if you think you’ve curated the perfect feed, adding some novelty accounts can’t hurt. To get started, here are three accounts that can add humor and new perspective to your day. These novelty accounts remind one of the absurdity of Twitter and life itself. 1) Friedrice Nietzche (@tinynietzche) As the name might suggest, the tweets come from the perspective of Frederick Nietzche, but with more goofiness and oddball topics that probably don’t always line up. Still, the mundane but hilariously weird observations and dark imaginings are even funnier when imagining the philosopher uttered them himself. Here are a few examples:

2) Dogs doing things (@dogsdoingthings) Paired nicely with the dark humor of Friedrice Nietzche is Dogs doing things. The examples below do most of the explaining for this one. However, I will say that the best thing about “Dogs doing things” is the originality involved — the stream of outlandish scenarios is bound to inspire creativity if you’re looking for it.

3) Nein Quarterly (@NeinQuarterly) German language and grammar nerds alike may get the most fun out of this one, though these observations could crack up just about anyone from time to time. The name of the account comes from the idea that the character running it is raising funds for a quarterly magazine that prints zero times a year. He also sells merchandise. Since the account began, the real man running it, Eric Jarosinkski, has received attention from various countries and now visits cities to do … Well, it’s not quite clear what he’s doing, but the website hints at a conversation and potentially a lecture. Be prepared for a detailed review if he ever comes to Minneapolis (which he has).