Post whines

I had trouble deciding whether I should just let Andy PostâÄôs sour grapes session, âÄúMeasuring the Drapes,âÄù pass, or whether I should write in and say that aside from the nonfactual, oddly timed praise for President Bush, this column is simply an excuse to whine. YouâÄôre right, Obama is getting his ducks in a row for when he takes the reins of government, and he wants to make sure that there are no hiccups when he takes office and can hit the ground running. But I fail to see how the sitting president meeting with the president-elect to talk policy can be seen by anyone with half a brain as a waste of time and an attempt to undermine an administration âÄî especially an administration that does such a swell job of undermining itself. I hope Post starts to realize that he is writing for someone other than the National Review and that if he wants to whine about the election, he is welcome to it: As long as he uses an intelligent argument with a relevant point instead of an imagined offense and right-wing indignation. Mike Ritchie University student