Kennedy for GAPSA

Ryan Kennedy offers wide experience and tested advocacy.

In a campus election that runs from Monday until Wednesday, the University of MinnesotaâÄôs 25,000 graduate students will elect a president to guide the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly for the next year. GAPSA is a council of councils, with representatives from each schoolâÄôs own elected body. GAPSA allocates funding, provides student grants and represents a unified voice for the disparate graduate community. In an embarrassment of riches, there are two extremely qualified candidates for GAPSA president, both mastersâÄô students in public policy at the Humphrey Institute: Devin Driscoll and Ryan Kennedy. There is no doubt that each would be a highly capable steward of GAPSAâÄôs programming and structure. With the increasingly dire budget situation and limited political capital in St. Paul, the presidentâÄôs voice will be critical in relations with the legislature and pushing University administration for budget clarity and fairness. In this realm, Kennedy is the better choice. With several yearsâÄô experience in high-level University affairs, he has the institutional knowledge and professional relationships necessary to hit the ground running as a proactive advocate for graduate students. Driscoll would excel at engaging diverse constituencies within the University and forging cooperation for a shared vision. Unfortunately, the current environment demands nuts and bolts experience in the weeds of the budget and a proven record of successful, pragmatic activism. To learn more about the candidates, visit their Web sites at and and read their responses to our questions at The Minnesota Daily editorial boardâÄôs blog, Unfit for Print.