Politics in 140 characters or less

by Devin Henry

CNN.com has a quite interesting story about members of Congress "twittering" during President Obama’s address Tuesday night.

Partisans from both sides used the social networking service to share their thoughts about the speech — with the caveat that they must do it within the tight 140 characters Twitter allots to their subscribers’ updates.

Some examples:

From Texas Republican John Culberson: "Hold onto your wallet America."

From Oregon Democrat Earl Blumenauer, on Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s post-Obama Republican reaction: "Jindal is weird. I can’t believe Jindal. Such a sad contrast with President. Doesn’t even look or sound good, to say nothing about content."

Closer to home, the rhetoric was a little more subdued.

Rep. Jim Oberstar: "Excellent speech by President Obama! He gave Americans an honest assessment of our economy, but laid out a plan for recovery."

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