Rendezview sports fave flicks

So, you’re done with class. So, you’re done with homework. So, you’ve been flipping through the damn stations for around two hours now and all you have to show for it is a blistered thumb and a fine knowledge of the mating patterns of West African aardvarks.
If World’s Worst Bow-Hunting Accidents VI and the Pioneer Hall copy of Dirty Dancing no longer wet your whistle, then head on down to Rendezview Video on Como Avenue for viewing enjoyment and visual satisfaction.
The play-on-words name that is plastered upon the glowing-green sign is not the only fun you will encounter once you enter the video store; racks and racks of videocassettes line the walls of the quaintly placed store located near the corner of 15th and Como avenues.
Perhaps it is a new release that is tickling your fancy, or maybe an independent flick — whatever your interest: action, comedy, suspense; the list goes on. Rendezview Video is the students’ choice for the best video rental around campus.
So, unless you are in hard-core seclusionary training for the College Jeopardy Tournament and need to absorb useless facts of flying squirrels, put aside your fear of late fines and “Be Kind, Rewind” stickers and go rent yourself a little rectangle of black plastic joy from the campus’ number one video store, Rendezview Video.

— Andrew Donohue