Let us give thanks

The editorial board’s clich

As long hours of exams and mind-numbing paper writing begin to turn into the promise of a long weekend of over-eating and relaxation, we would like to take a break from editorializing about all of the problems, missteps and social inequities we see around us on a daily basis and give thanks for all the things that make this world a bit more gleeful. Be them mundane or monumental, we sure do have plenty to be thankful for.

As students we are lucky to attend an institution of higher education, especially one with beautiful trees, foliage and columned buildings, even though it will thrust most of us into years of debt. Also, it’s great to have passionate professors who make us see things in a different light, and the hot ones who provide us with some distraction are good, too. The collectivity of a college campus is very nice, as is the pseudo reality we all live in while inside the protective University bubble. The times when we recognize how wonderful college life really is make life seem good.

As Dailyites we are thankful for (in no particular order): the First Amendment, paychecks every other Thursday, copydesk (they are like pirates, but with extensive knowledge of AP style), the kick-ass cartoonist, the hard-working journalists, sales teams and creative people who keep the paper afloat and pretty, the humbling opportunity to serve as a voice for the paper, those of you who think what we say is worthwhile, and those of you who do not. We thank most of you who write in and/or comment online about what we write. It’s also fun to sit in class and watch people read an editorial, even though they don’t know it’s one of us who wrote it.

As people we are thankful for fall evenings, our friends, boyfriends, girlfriends and lovers, our families (and their casseroles and hotplates during the holidays), that crazy Ann Coulter for all the laughs, Jon Stewart, the prospect of a new administration, the current one for providing us with writing material, Netflix, bloody marys, Jens Lekman and other music for when we’re sad and when we’re not, caffeine, the Kitty Cat Klub, dodgy take-out food, ramen with hot sauce, and French fries with mayonnaise. That about sums it up. Happy Thanksgiving!