Ready to roll

MPAC calls for submissions to a student film festival

The Minnesota Programs and Activities Council is issuing a call for film submissions to be part of the 2005 Student Film Festival, scheduled to run April 21-23.

The deadline for submissions is April 1.

Submission guidelines include specific rules that half a work’s cast and crew must be current University students and that submitted films must be in one of several approved formats.

Students can submit more than one film, but only one will be chosen for review.

Submissions will be approved by the council’s film committee and selected for the festival by a panel of judges.

For students interested in film production and who encounter few opportunities in the University’s studies-based program, the festival represents a rare chance to produce original work, compete within their peer group and screen projects for a public audience.

For more information, visit the festival Web site at, or call the Student Activities Office at (612) 626-6919.