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Instagram is life

Whenever I have a free moment, I spend it on Instagram.  Ok, that’s not entirely true, but there’s something gratifying about sharing your photos and life with others, whether they’re strangers or friends.  While some dismiss Instagram as glorified narcissism, taking good photos to share requires intent, a keen eye and experiencing the present with all your senses.  Otherwise, you’d miss an unassuming brick building that’s begging for a photo op, or a nature shot that’s too beautiful not to share.


I spend more time, however, scrolling through others’ Instagram feeds than adding pictures to my own.  Here are five that I keep coming back to day after day thanks to their top-notch photos.


@carsonstreet: New York City menswear mecca Carson Street Clothiers has the best feed in the fashion game.  Not only do they take tasteful photos of their merchandise, they capture major fashion events from intriguing angles and feature snippets of each of their employees’ everyday lives, from their outfits to their meals and vacations.  Carson Street’s account is aspirational, and epitomizes the curated life.


@askovfinlayson: Minneapolis boutique Askov Finlayson’s Instagram account, on the other hand, rarely features their clothes.  Their forte is the adventure photos that represent #teamnorth, the slogan created by owners Eric and Andrew Dayton (also of the Bachelor Farmer and Marvel Bar) to disassociate Minnesota from its flyover Midwest designation.  Otherworldly nature shots sit side by side with glimpses into the urban tundra, projecting the idea of the new North as both a lifestyle and a physical place, a place to be proud of and to celebrate.


@johnjannuzzi: GQ’s Senior Digital Editor John Jannuzzi takes better photos of cookies than anyone on this planet.  He’s either eating or baking cookies every single day — or so it seems—and his sweet tooth reminds us all that there’s no shame in indulging in life’s little pleasures. It’s possible to make the experience look damn good, too.


@canarygrey: Minneapolis photographer and creative Wing Ta’s account has a consistent aesthetic than many others lack.  Ta finds beautiful spaces with sparse white walls.  Her coffee photos are second to none, and will make you want to give up on shooting your daily latte.  Ta’s photo editing skills are sublime as well, and her faded skyline and city shots look natural rather than contrived.

@donetodeathprojects: New Yorker Chris Black’s creative agency Done to Death Projects has an unassuming Instagram account.  The wordless posts feature snapshots of quotidian moments or places at odds with the trendy food shots and stark color palettes on other influential feeds.  These photos are authentically Black, however, and they capture the unique way in which he sees the world.

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