Regents sworn in today

After three months of public interviews and legislative lobbying, the regent-search process ends today as three new and two returning regents are sworn in at this month’s Board of Regents meeting.
H. Bryan Neel, Michael O’Keefe, David Metzen, Maureen Reed and Bob Bergland will take the oath of office at the first regent meeting after their election Feb. 27 by the Legislature. Metzen, Bergland and Reed replace former regents Hyon T. Kim, Stanley Sahlstrom and Wendell Anderson.
Neel is returning for a second six-year term, and O’Keefe will finish former regent Jean Keffeler’s term, which ends in 2001.
During their first meeting the new regents will hear a report on student diversity, which includes enrollment counts and graduation and retention issues for students of color.
Currently, minorities comprise 12.7 percent of undergraduates. The goal for the year 2000 is for students of color to comprise 16 percent of the undergraduate population.
The board will also hear reports on undergraduate enrollment management, and the educational planning and policy committee will discuss intellectual property rights.
— Jessica Steeno