Getting locally laid- a Northern MN egg company addresses complaints

by Jared Hemming

Okay, it might be shameless to blog about something we saw on a City Pages blog last week, but in the case of the Locally Laid Egg Company, the farm’s defense of its light sexual innuendo is too compelling to ignore.


Accidentally giving Locally Laid’s “Marketing Chick” PR rep Lucie B. Amundsen more exposure, a disgruntled customer wrote a letter chastising the egg farmers for their “vulgar” company name late last year.


Replying in an open blog post, Amundsen and co. turned their response into a platform explaining that their eggs are indeed laid locally in Wrenshall, Minn., and that the cheeky name grabs customers’ attentions who might otherwise not pay attention to Locally Laid’s pricier dozen.


Amundsen went on to praise the benefits of eating locally-sourced food, which you might not even be aware you’re missing out on (especially if you eat in a dining hall). At the end of the letter, Amundsen pitched a quick plug for the company’s “Local Chicks Are Better” T-shirts.


If you’re a fan of punnily titled businesses, Locally Laid is worth checking out. Avoid if you like the angry customer — think “we have enough crudeness in the world without egg advertising adding to it.”