State investigators say Fairview nursing home neglected patient

by Kia Farhang

Staff at a University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview nursing home failed to administer an anticoagulant to a patient who later died from clogged heart arteries, according to a state investigation released in April.

Fairview University Transitional Services is disputing the ruling.

The Minnesota Department of Health report concluded a physician and his assistant both assumed the other would order heparin for the patient, who got the drug in the hospital before transferring to the nursing home.

After two weeks without the drug, the patient went into cardiac arrest and died in the hospital five days later.

The nursing home called the ruling unfounded, but vowed to remind physicians they’re responsible for ordering patients’ medication. It also promised to audit all files for compliance.

Allegations that the facility failed to adequately treat a patient's radiation burns and oxygen levels were deemed inconclusive by the MDH last month.