Street Style: “Hunky Jesus Contest”

The Saloon hosts alternative Easter celebration, turns the holiday on its head.

Sharron Husbands poses for a portrait at The Saloon during an Easter Sunday event where participants competed to be named the sexiest biblical character.

Carter Jones

Sharron Husbands poses for a portrait at The Saloon during an Easter Sunday event where participants competed to be named the sexiest biblical character.

Joe Cristo

One of the best things to do on any given religious holiday is attend a parody event, like “A Drag Queen Christmas” at the Pantages Theatre.

No holiday is duller and more deserving of a makeover than Easter. Not just because eggs and rabbits are lame mascots, but also because it seems like Christmas-lite.

This Easter, the long-running Minneapolis gay bar, The Saloon, hosted their own parody Easter event: “Hunky Jesus Contest.”

Here are some of the best entries:

Sister Kim Boocha, 28

What she wore: Teal leggings, vintage flower sun dress, furry green and yellow false eyelashes, black lipstick.

What she said: “Some of us here are from a mission called Ladies of the Lakes. We are the sisters of perpetual idols. We’re a queer order of nuns that spread joy and awareness wherever our mission calls, which usually means we are going to look crazy. We work together to make each other look great.”

Review: Boocha looks like the leader. Her look mixes creepy clown baby with religious garb perfectly.

Sister Taylor Glory, 28

What she wore: Fishnet stockings, fishnet shirt, leather jacket, K-Pop inspired makeup and a habit decorated with pink and white bows.

What she said: “The name came first — then the outfit. I developed a character around an amplified version of who I am. A better version … but worse … but like better. Today I did my own makeup, but I take classes with some of these ladies and we give each other tips and style ideas. I just exaggerated my mouth and the eyeshadow all the way up to the habits.”

Review: Glory went for a dressed-down punk rock nun look. From the neck down it’s a mix of James Dean and Zsa Zsa Gabor. From the neck up it’s pure makeup talent.

Sister Sharron Husbands, 32

What he wore: Polyester Eastern Orthodox habit, white face paint, rainbow eye shadow design and cheap plastic dangling jewelry.

What he said: “For me, it’s about letting loose. We’re just trying to do something fun and goofy. We work together to come up with our characters, but I still made everything myself.”

Review: Husbands appears the most classic. The reserved look has a focal point though: eyeshadow drawn on in a rainbow.

Schaumburg, 26

What he wore: Necklace made of upside down pink crosses, pink plastic minotaur horns, a black extra-large cardigan, flower bandana and ripped tights.

What he said: “One of my lovers runs [the event]. I am a grunge street-walking Satan — I came up with it on a whim. Jesus and God are really not my style so I came up with a more villainous approach. The pink horns were wear and tear from Ragstock.”

Review: Schaumburg is one of the few that took the villain route, and it paid off. The bandana wrapped around the face and the minotaur horns look vaguely familiar, but mixed with the tights and no undershirt the look definitely fits the theme of the night.