Student arrested after laying in street

Also, a student reported his roommate stole money from him.

by Nicholas Studenski

A University of Minnesota student was arrested early Friday morning for blocking a street and refusing to cooperate with officers. He may have been intoxicated, according to the University police report.

While on patrol a little after midnight, a University police officer noticed a man lying at the intersection of Eighth Street Southeast and 14th Avenue Southeast resting his head on the curb.

According to the police report, officers suspected the student was under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or both at the time of the arrest.

He was wearing a T-shirt, a pair of pink boxer briefs and a bath towel, according to the report.

The student gave the officer his first name, but his responses were unclear when the officer tried to identify him further.

The police officer attempted to take the student to the hospital, but he was uncooperative and he refused to get inside the police car.

After the officer made multiple attempts to get more information, the report said, the student was arrested for refusing to cooperate with police officers and for blocking a city street.

He was also difficult when the officer tried to handcuff him, according to the report.

The officer brought the student to the Hennepin County Jail, where he refused to provide any more personal information until about 5 a.m.

Roommate dispute

University police responded to a report Thursday that a student’s roommate in Middlebrook Hall had stolen $80 from him, according to another police report.

When the officer entered the room, he found at least 10 empty cough syrup boxes in the garbage, according to the police report, which the suspect told the officer he had been using to get high.

The suspect said he had been addicted to heroin but hadn’t used the drug since June. He said he is currently a member of Narcotics Anonymous and is seeking treatment at Boynton Health Service.

The suspect also admitted to stealing $40 from his roommate on two separate occasions.

According to the police report, the victim said he didn’t want to return to his room until his roommate moved out. The victim had been living in a different dorm room for six nights before he called the police.

University police Deputy Chief Chuck Miner said cases of theft between roommates are “fairly rare” on campus, but there are usually one or two cases within the first few weeks of school.