Art returns to Coffman Union

Murals have finally returned to the second-floor student cultural centers in Coffman Union.

While this may seem like an insignificant development, it’s one of great importance to the groups who felt demoralized when the artwork was taken down in favor of white walls during remodeling.

The director of Student Unions and Activities told the Minnesota Daily in September 2013 that it would have cost too much to preserve the murals during renovations, so SUA instead took pictures of each one to display on televisions. Thankfully, groups are now taking steps to bring back these iconic features of their spaces.

Last month, the Black Student Union recreated murals depicting the 1969 Morrill Hall takeover and images of the civil rights movement using high-resolution photographs.

The Minnesota International Student Association, which also lost an important mural, opted to go with a hand-painted mural displaying a mosaic of the world — including numerous regional cultural symbols representing the diversity MISA represents.

Other groups, including the Al-Madinah Cultural Center and the Disabled Student Cultural Center, followed suit and have redecorated their spaces after the renovation.

Instead of art, the DSCC reinstalled a lighting and bell system in its space, which dings and flashes to notify when someone leaves or enters a room.

The return of these features to student group spaces means a lot to many of us. Let’s hope SUA stays mindful of how much even seemingly small changes can affect students’ morale now that the features are back in place.