Dear Dr. Date,T…

Dear Dr. Date,
This first one bothered me for some time, and then when I finally thought I’d found the answer, I got redirected again, so I thought I’d ask an expert. I was led to believe when I was younger that women really like to have their breasts fondled and licked, kissed and caressed. This was perpetuated by a variety of Jane Auel books, the occasional porn flick stolen from someone’s older brother, or the veritable fountain of knowledge that is the Penthouse Forum. When I met my current girlfriend many years back and we talked about this, she said it was totally untrue, and that it didn’t really feel any different to her than my touching her back or something. I was so sure that I was right (How could porn be wrong?) that I proceeded to ask a half dozen of my closest girl friends. They all told me the same thing: It was no big deal to them, but guys seemed to enjoy it, so they didn’t really tell them the truth. At this point, I’d felt like I had uncovered this amazing secret and was willing to leave it at that. Recently, however, things have changed. My girlfriend now wants me to touch her breasts when we are making love or making out. When I asked her what had changed, she couldn’t tell me, but said that it had started to feel good, and she kind of wanted me to do it more often. She and I are close enough that we can’t lie to each other and I’m inclined to believe her. What I want to know is: Does something like sensitivity in the breasts happen over time, or is this a rare occurrence?
— Nipping Out

Nipples are perplexing, aren’t they? I concur with your research: For the most part, women see breasts as rather utilitarian or a nuisance. Save the few exceptions, a woman’s breasts are not nearly the sensual glory men think they are. Ah, but the exceptions are important!
Most guys make the mistake of treating breasts and nipples like dials on their radio. Like the clitoris, you can’t expect great results from just jabbing and poking at the nipple. Be sensuous, lover, and learn to understand timing. A soft lavishing caress is a great way to start, but don’t expect her to orgasm. A firm, but not painful pinch in the height of ecstasy can be a nice touch, too. Keep talking and keep touching!
If you feel you could have answered this question better, then now is your chance! E-mail me a 100-word essay entitled “Why I want to be a Love Nurse,” and you very well could be. Dr. Date’s Superorgasmic Spring Mixer is quickly approaching and I’ll choose the very best candidates to dole out the dating advice next week. Get writing!