Findings in sexual misconduct cases released to public

Findings from an internal report alleging that University athletic officials covered up sexual assault and harassment complaints will be released to the public today.
The lengthy report includes pages of testimony from witnesses alleging athletic officials intervened in at least two dozen sexual misconduct complaints, said Nina Shepherd, a spokeswoman for the University.
University President Mark Yudof is expected to make a formal statement on the findings this afternoon.
Yudof asked Julie Sweitzer, director of the University’s Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action, and Minneapolis attorney Don Lewis to find systemic flaws in the reporting mechanisms available to victims.
Members of the University’s Program Against Sexual Violence were involved in the preliminary stages of the investigation that commenced six weeks ago.
Nikki Wright, a victim’s advocate, said members met with Yudof on Thursday to discuss making changes in the resources available to sexual assault and harassment victims.
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— Sarah McKenzie