Inconsistent policies are bad for business

Justin Horwath

The Editorial Board would like to send this message to the owners of Burrito Loco in Dinkytown. On several occasions throughout this year (namely, Fridays between 3 and 5 p.m.) our meetings have been held at Burrito Loco. With six of us ordering food and drink, our tab probably totals between $50 and $60 each visit. But don’t count on us coming back any time soon. This Friday we first were kicked off the patio when the waitress checked the IDs of not only those of us who ordered drinks, but our entire group – something that has never happened to us before. When we went inside to order our drinks and burritos, in order to comply with their new $10 minimum on credit card orders, we were told we couldn’t bring our drinks downstairs to the main dining room – another thing we’d never been told before (and on numerous occasions, board members have ordered 2-for-1 beers and pitchers and brought them downstairs with no issue). We then were informed we’d have to take our pitcher outside and finish it, since the drink wasn’t allowed in the main dining room, the only place we could sit with our underage members. In two months of frequenting this establishment, we had never run into any of these restrictions, and suddenly they were all brought down at once. We offered to split the pitcher immediately into the cups of drinkers who were of-age and we all produced identification. We were not politely told we could continue our meeting, but in the future we would need to play by the rules, as most places probably would have done. In fact, we were treated rather rudely – something which we’ve found to be frequent and common among the servers at BL. Wake up business owners – you’re serving a college campus, where groups of friends, classmates and colleagues don’t just fall uniformly into above-age- and under-age groups. Find a way to accommodate mixed groups or you might find your business slumping even more than the economy.