Student service fees get political

Fees chairmen are in fact shifting allocations toward the right.

Alex Zeman

For those of you who missed last ThursdayâÄôs Student Services Fees Committee public forum, I would like to take this opportunity to applaud GAPSAâÄôs Tyler Price for his single-handed exposé on the undeniable political agenda that has been pushed through the fees committee this year. The companionship of Paul Freeman and Sean Niemic has been demonstrated through their unwavering commitment to one another throughout the process and illustrated in FreemanâÄôs own letter to The Minnesota Daily supporting Niemic and claiming he has heard the audio recording that Niemic took from the Administrative Unit Committee the night he was removed âÄî a recording that no one else has had any access to. Together, they have worked to cut funding to organizations they view as liberal and to drastically increase funding to groups they are affiliated with and identify as conservative. It is no coincidence then that two self-identifying conservative organizations, Collegians for a Constructive Tomorrow, of which Niemic is vice president, and Students for a Conservative Voice, of which Niemic is president, received substantial increases totaling almost $55,000. HavenâÄôt heard of these student groups? Neither had I. Why are conservative groups that no one has ever heard of receiving drastic funding increases while more worthwhile organizations are being cut? Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Tyler. Alex Zeman, University undergraduate student