Bombs target Israeli diplomats in India and Georgia

Jeff Hargarten

Four people were wounded in the wake of bombs targing Israeli diplomats in India and Georgia Monday, Reuters reported.

A bomb attached to a diplomatic vehicle in New Dehli wounded the driver and three others, while another device in the republic of Georgia was defused by emergency teams.

The attacks come following the anniversary of the 2008 assassination of Hezbollah guerrilla leader Imad Moughniyeh. Iran-backed Hezbollah vowed vengeance for the car bomb that killed Moughniyeh in Damascus and blamed the Jewish state.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed Iranian agents for most recent attacks and his country's foreign missions have been on high alert.

Witnesses told Indian television they saw two people on a motorcycle attach a magnetic bomb to the rear of the diplomat's car after it stopped at a traffic signal.

Azerbaijan authorities arrested two suspects accused of plotting attacks against Israel's local ambassador last month.

An Iranian nuclear scientist was killed by a car bomb in early January.